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The MSBG Infant Community (Nido) is located in its own building on our campus.  It was designed as a peaceful, calm, welcoming space with lots of natural light and soothing colors.  The classroom provides a home-like space with wooden furniture, a separate sleeping area and beautiful plants in order for the child to feel loved and cared for in their home away from home.

We will have 5  little ones at any time between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 months.

When touring the Infant class, you will see children at ease, purposeful, curious, and confident.  They may not always be serious or quiet, but they are very involved in their learning, and development of new skills. They are learning to move, crawl, walk, talk, stretch, grab and so much more!

The adults who care for them are loving and respectful of each child’s individuality. Our trained guide is observing for developmental milestones in an effort to both provide appropriate support/tools to the infant and to share milestone accomplishments and/or concerns with parents.  To read more about milestones and the ways in which we provide support, please visit

A Montessori education is preparation for life.  Our work supplements the parents' in tenderly helping the children develop self-calming, self-control, and self-confidence.  Optimism, positive attitudes, and hope for the future are essential to the success of children and our culture.


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